Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal Hunting Pellet (250 ct)
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Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal Hunting Pellet (250 ct)

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Crosman is leading the competition in affordable hunting pellets featuring great new technology. The new Crosman Destroyer pellet is a revolutionary new hunting pellet combining the best attributes of a pointed pellet with a hollow point resulting in complete expansion and energy transfer. At this price, why not give them a try and compare them to your favorite traditional hunting pellet?


Caliber: 0.177

Manufacturer: Crosman, Ammo Type: Pellets

Condition: New

Product Details:
Product Length: 5.0 inches
Product Width: 5.0 inches
Product Height: 1.0 inches
Package Length: 4.9 inches
Package Width: 4.9 inches
Package Height: 1.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 532 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 532 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

252 of 258 found the following review helpful:

5WOW!Mar 19, 2009
By O. J. Lopez
I own a Hatsan model 70 1000 fps rifle and I purchased various types of pellets to see which are better suited for it. Among these pellets came the Crosman Destroyers.

I shot at a piece of aluminum pipe (the one used in showers to hold curtains)with flat, pointed, and destroyers.

The flat ones made a nice hole in the front of the pipe but failed to exit thru the back leaving only an indentation.

The pointed ones passed both walls with a nice small hole in the back one.

But the Destroyers were awesome, managing to go thru the pipe and leaving a big exit hole proving that they were expanding.

Then I shot a 3 liter soda bottle but due to the high speed of the rifle, all pellets got thru. I got a bucket and shot again and I finally was able to see the pellets. Flat and pointed were very deformed but the Destroyers expanded to about double the size. Impressive.

Overall they are an excellent design with excellent performance and a nice price. I recommend them.

49 of 51 found the following review helpful:

5destroyedDec 23, 2010
By William C. Booth Jr.
I shoot these out of my GAMO Silent Cat. These are amazing for hunting small game. But they do more than you think. Ive noticed when these pellets hit the target, they begin to tumble, this is devastating on squirrels. They expand quite nicely though and the exit wounds are quite large. If you hunt with an air rifle that is 1000fps+, then I recomend these! You will be happy with them, and they are very accurate. With my air rifle, I can put these pellets through the same hole almost every time. Your talking about tac driving accuracy with an air rifle at 40+ yards.

82 of 89 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome PelletsMay 14, 2009
By Patricia A. West "Patricia A. West 'dog lover"
These pellets are the best! In my 600 fps Powermaster it blew through a grapfruit at 15 yards and continued and left a big dent in my 1/2 in thick crawlspace door. Amazing pellets. At 10 yards they penetrate 1 inch of putty. And the soda can i shot from 15 yards away, completely demolsihed. They are awesome beacuase when they hit a substantial surface they break into two parts, crushing everythign x2 in it's path. i would highly reccommend these to any small game hunter.

63 of 71 found the following review helpful:

5coolest pellet ive ever seenDec 07, 2010
By trevor
these pellets are AWESOME! most pellets ive shot just go right through stuff that i shoot without doing much of anything. THESE pellets literally blow stuff apart.

i shot some into clay and they expanded to almost three times the original size. they are definately "destroyers"

BTW walmart sells them for 2.00 a tin. so i dont understand why theyre listed here on amazon for 10.50! what a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!

41 of 46 found the following review helpful:

5AccurateSep 02, 2011
By Ares
I did an accuracy test of 7 different types of pellets: Jsb exacts, gamo match, gamo pointed, gamo rockets, gamo raptors(gold), rws hypermax and crosman destryers ex. I expected either the jsb exacts or gamo match to win, since they had been shooting the best out of my Gamo CFX .177 but as soon as i purchased these i did the test and was surprised with the results.
1. Crosman Destroyer EX
2. JSB Exact
3. Gamo Match
4. Gamo Rocket
5. Gamo Pointed
6. Gamo Raptor
7. RWS Hypermax

the test was performed from 1 side of my yard to the next, bout 40ft.

I bought these at wal-mart for about $3 for the 250 tin

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