Daisy Model 25 Pump Air Rifle 50-Shot BB Repeater- A Nostalgic Classic 350 fps
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Daisy Model 25 Pump Air Rifle 50-Shot BB Repeater- A Nostalgic Classic 350 fps



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DescriptionDaisy Model 25 Pump BB Gun. Created by legendary Daisy designer, Charles Lefever, the Model 25 helped make Daisy air guns a staple underneath Christmas trees across the country for decades after its introduction in 1914. The modern Model 25 will take adults back to the excitement of their childhood shooting adventures, sporting many of the features found. Features: Daisy’s original pump BB gun design returns Design that introduced millions of children to shooting over more than 60 years Modern Model 25 shares many of the original’s features Solid wood pistol grip stock and fore end Durable steel construction .177 caliber Take-down screw Removable screw-in 50-shot tube Fully adjustable flip-up peep or open rear sights Lightweight 3.1 lbs gun measures 37'' long


Suggested Use: Plinking / Fun, Caliber: 0.177, Velocity: 350

Manufacturer: Daisy, Airgun Mechanism: Spring-piston, Ammo Type: BBs

Fire Mode: Single Shot, Warranty: 30 Day Limited, Condition: New

Product Details:
Product Length: 3.0 inches
Product Width: 39.0 inches
Product Height: 6.0 inches
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Package Length: 38.1 inches
Package Width: 5.6 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 4.23 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 231 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 231 customer reviews )
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By James Riddle "Doc"
This particular BB gun changed my life. I was a troubled kid and often visited relatives in the country. Well my buddy had one of these and loved it. I saved up the 7 dollars and 50 cents to buy the one at Western Auto. My and Johnnie stayed in the woods, putting these guns through every sort of conditions possible. Never had a problem. That gun never left my side. After the age of 16 where girls and cars became my passion, I lost track of my old gun. Now in my 50's and with two sons, they had heard me talk about this magic BB gun since they were walking. I looked forever but could never find another one for them....or me. Well no more! I bought this model, took it home, adjusted the sights out of memory and started shooting. It is EXACTLY the same weight, balance and size as it was 40 years ago. A few minutes later I was shooting it from the hip and hitting every time. That muscle memory I developed all those years ago, kicked right in due to it's exact weight as the original USA made fun over 40 years ago. It has a 50 round magazine that unscrews from the barrel. Kind of tricky to load but you figure it out soon enough. No BBs rattling around to scare off that garden pest before you can put a stinging round in it's butt. NEVER a misfire. The internal magazine ensures that. I think the magazine increases it's amazing accuracy. It cocks unlike any other. You can stay on target and chamber another round, unlike lever and other pumps. Well of course the CO2 is good for that but you won't get the same power as the CO2 diminishes.They rate at 350psf but can be anywhere up to 450psf out of the box. Want to make it a 1000fps or more shooter? Guess what. You can. Me and Johnnie needed more power to kill rabbits, squirrels, mean roosters we couldn't catch and crows, so we took them apart, took off the plunger spring and stretched the devil out of it. It was a 2 man job cause that spring wanted to get sprung. Now days I would go to the hardware store, find a heavier and longer spring that will give it the fps well exceeding a .45 cal. Handgun. We actually used these guns to teach a bull to stop running after people to get them. One of us played bait while the other stood back juiced up Model 25 in hand. When the bull started chasing the shooter would yell "QUIT" just as we shot him in the nose. It stopped the bull square in his tracks. It only took a few times and that bull stopped his bad behavior and Johnnies little sisters never got ran down by him again. They'd holler "QUIT!" as soon as he'd start and he'd freeze up waiting and fearing some searing nose pain. The stock length is the standard length for hunting rifles. It is taller than my Winchester lever action 30/30. Although my eyes aren't as good now, I plan on going out tomorrow and see if I can still pick flies off the wall. Shooting a running bull in the nose is nothing with this rifle. The flies are a bit more challenging. We must have missed about 10 percent of the time. Don't bother comparing this one with that one. This is the answer and you can make it as powerful as you want. You can buy breakdown manuals on EBAY but it`s simple enough that two young country boys figured it out.. So if your sons are now 23 and 18 and more interested in girls and cars than BB guns....Buy one for yourself. You deserve the very best and this is it.

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5Daisy #25 pump-action is as I remembered it from a kid.Nov 26, 2010
By Dennis C. Rahn
Being an old time BB gun fan since not "shooting my eye out" as a kid, I had a ball teaching my grandson and grand daughter too how to use gun safety and some shooting skills in the back yard much to the dismay of their Canadian mother which hates guns. I remember this baby was a bear to cock where I had to use my full weight to pull down the cocking lever but now it was easy. The kids have to use their full weight again. My older eyes needed the addition of a fiber optic sight glued on the front sight post to make it easy to see for aligning the sights together. Shoots straight and is lots of fun. A parent could go farther wrong with a video game.

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5Proper take-down methodDec 04, 2010
By Porker
The "new" Daisy Model 25 is a great bb gun, but Daisy left out an important step in the manual.

In order to take this gun down, in addition to removing the take-down screw you MUST also remove the small Phillips head screw directly (3 1/8 inches) behind the take-down screw on the left side of the receiver. You might have to depress the trigger slightly, but the gun should then come apart easily.

The gun CANNOT be taken down without removing this screw.

This gun is easier to store and transport when taken apart.

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4Disappointed at firstJun 29, 2011
By GaryH
At first I was very disappointed with this BB rifle. It looks just like the one I had back in 1958, except back then it had a plastic stock. I am glad they are wood now, cause my plastic one warped.

Out of the box I could see the fit/finish of the barrel was not very good. There was almost an eighth of an inch gap on the under side near the end of the barrel, and the end of the barrel was not square with the tube. This was causing the BB's to shoot about 8 inches high at 30 feet, with a shot group of about 8 inches spread too.

The rear sight was already at its lowest position, so adjustment wasn't possible. So with a hand file, I evened up the end of the barrel. Had to file some off the bottom front. That seems to have worked some what. Not only did that lower the point of impact by about 6 inches, it also tighted up the shot group to a very acceptable 2 inches.

I don't know if the claimed 350fps is accurate, but it seems less than that. I thought my Red Ryder seemed stronger. So, to verify which is stronger, I conducted some very unscientific ballistic tests..I lined up 4 empty beverage cans back to back and weighted them down from the top.

I shot a BB at the cans from front to rear from about 3 inches away. I was pleasantly surprised that the Model 25 went completely thru the first two cans and dented the third. Now for the Red Ryder. All new cans, same test. The BB only went completely thru the first can and dented the second one. So, proof positive that the model 25 is more powerful than the Red Ryder. At least my specimens.

Just for kicks and grins, I performed the same test with my SA 177 CO2 powered BB pistol. It claims 380 fps. The BB completely penetrated the first 3 cans and ended up inside the 4th can. So, can 30 fps make that much difference? Dunno.

Anyway, I'm happy with it now. Probably fired close to 500 rounds through it so far. I wasn't too happy with the packing from Amazon tho. The original Daisy box was directly on the bottom of the 12" x 12" shipping container with the paper wadding on the top. Not much protection there, but luckily, only the Daisy's factory box was crushed slightly and there was no shipping damage to the rifle itself.

So, just to let you know, I now have two Model 25s. I ordered another one at the same time from Sportsmans Guide. Prices with shipping were within $1.00 of each other with my Members Club discount and one time free shipping from SG and Super saver shipping from Amazon.

The packaging was about the same from SG. All the wadding on top, slightly damaged Daisy box. But this second BB rifle had perfect fit/finish and was very accurate right out of the box.

And that's all I've got to say about that.

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5Crossman 25 PumpNov 16, 2010
By Bill
I never knew this model was still avalible. I had one at nine back in 1962. I absolutely loved that gun just as I do this one I ordered. High quality mechchanisms and wood grain stock and grip. When I loaded and shot this BB gun, I felt nine all over again!!

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