Gamo Extreme Co2 (88g) Air Rifle .22 cal, 10 Rd Mag
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Gamo Extreme Co2 (88g) Air Rifle .22 cal, 10 Rd Mag



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Gamo has released their first CO2 magnum powered repeating air rifle, The EXTREME CO2TM. Charged by a powerful 88gram CO2 cartridge, the Extreme CO2 has a new high pressure quick re-charge valve system engineered to achieve maximum terminal energy and velocity using magnum .22 caliber lead pellets. The Extreme Co2 gun a is a multi-shot, speed pump repeater capable of shooting ten .22 caliber magnum pellets from a rotary magazine in under 8 seconds with full power. The special short stroke pump action requires minimal effort allowing the shooter to stay on target at all times. Each gun is fitted with Gamo?s new precision rifled, composite bull barrel fitted with adjustable fiber optic sights and a precision 3-9x40 air rifle scope. Up to 200 shots can be achieved with a single 88gram cylinder. "Full Power Action Shooting" The Gamo Extreme CO2 is the new way of feeling the CO2: innovation, power and action in an exclusive rifle able to shoot 10 pellets in rapid time, powered with an 88 gram long life CO2 cylinder. - 700 FPS with Standard Lead Pellets - Anti-shock composite stock (Black) - Ambidextrous check piece - Ergonomic Design - Rubber Grips - Ventilated butt pad - Rifled Barrel - Rotary Magazine, holds 10 pellets - Two Stage Trigger - Co2 Repeating Capabilites - CO2 Powered - Automatic Cocking Safety System - Jacketed Steel Bull Barrel - Second Stage non Adjustable Trigger - Manual Safety - Adjustable Fiber Optic Front Sight - Grooved Receiver for optics - Caliber .22 - Weight 7.72 lb - Lenght 43.31 in - Cocking Effort: 12 lbs - Trigger Pull: 3 - 9.9 lbf - Barrel Lenght: 22.6 in


Suggested Use: Small Game Hunting / Target Shooting, Caliber: .22, Velocity: 700

Manufacturer: Gamo, Airgun Mechanism: CO2, Ammo Type: Pellets, Mag Capacity: 10

Weight: 7.72 lbs, Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic, Warranty: 1 Year Limited, Condition: New

Product Details:
Product Weight: 10.5 pounds
Package Length: 45.0 inches
Package Width: 7.0 inches
Package Height: 3.3 inches
Package Weight: 10.9 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 7 customer reviews )
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5Nice Rifle!! - Horrible PackagingJan 13, 2010
By T-Man
Had to order this rifle twice because of packaging - you should not give this rifle one star because of packaging that is not fair to the product. But I will say Amazon missed the boat on this rifle when it came to packaging and so did Gamo. The problem is the 88g CO2 cartridge that comes with the rifle. It is basically like a lead weight that breaks free from its chinsey styrofoam and then causes havoc inside the box.

Now onto the rifle. Very nice for a Co2 repeater. Very accurate at 25 yards and about 1 inch drop at 50 yards with the heavier gram pellets that are included. The power is incredible once again for a Co2 repeater. I set up 2 inch thick hard styrofoam insulation with a concrete block behind it and a metal tin can in front of it. The pellet went through the can, through the insulation, and ended up a pancake against the cinder block. As for the number of shots you get with the 88g cartridge is about 140-150 before you lose power and this was leaving the cartridge in for 3 weeks and it is winter so the cold air takes down the pressure too.
Finally I love the 10 round rotary clip, you load one clip with the heavy pellets and the other with the lighter pellets to get a feel how the rifle performs with each. Very nice pellet gun if you can get one that does not get damaged in shipment.

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3Fairly good gun, but nothing especialOct 17, 2010
By Farshad
It is nowhere as nicely constructed as the other Gamo guns and it is a few inches shorter. The plastic feels flimsy, ESPECIALLY the part you use for cocking the gun and while it looks nice, it is not in the same league as their other gun's ecstatically.

And of course it is also quite a bit less powerful than most of their other guns. But that all said, for target practice, this beats the rest of them hands down because you don't have to reload after each shot. It is infinitely nicer to keep your target in sight rather than having to break open and load the gun.

It seems very accurate though the accuracy changes at various ranges. Your scope target at 5 yards hits 2 inches below the same at 25 yards (you'd think it would be the other way around). But it is consistent :) So if you have your target placed, within 2 shots of figuring out how to adjust, you get extremely consistent results.

The trigger is far superior to the Whisper series (firing doesn't make you lose your target, trigger is soft and pleasant to pull).

The biggest drawback after the flimsy plastic? Changing the 10shot cartridge is more pain than it should be, at least on this particular gun. You got to pull & hold two different spring loaded things (which can move while you are going through the process) all the way back, a millimeter off and the thing won't come out or go back in. The same process gets in the way of shooting sometimes (one of the spring loaded things is the cocking mechanism, when cocked, you have to pull it all way out back to the original position, that extra centimeter of pulling back forward it not at all a natural motion).

4Broken on arrival. Replacement good!Jan 11, 2010
By Kris
Once unpacked it was clear the item had some elements broken. Not sure if it was used but it is very likely that it was. Returned for replacement! Very disappointed as the riffle seems good quality except the plastic cocking mechanism. I hope the replacement will be OK otherwise I will return it again this time for refund though.

Would not recommend based on the item received.

An update.

This is an update to my earlier post.
I returned the item and Amazon shipped a replacement (very fast, no questions asked service! Kudos to Amazon!). As with previous shipment the packaging was horrible. Gamo need to rethink their packaging policy as I am sure may items get damaged during shipment. As T-Man mentioned there are only 3 small pieces of styrofoam securing rather heavy gun and CO2 bottle. Adding two styrofoam halves would secure the gun, scope and other items. I am sure it would not cost a lot of money.

Now the rifle. Very nice! I like the pump action repeater, 10 pellets rotary magazine and general feel of solidity. After sighting I could easily get group of 1 inch at 20 yards using the supplied Gamo pellets (22 grain). The CO2 bottle has been on the riffle for 2 weeks and it seems there is no leakage. So it is a good news.

After receiving the replacement I have to change the ratings from 1 to 4 stars. I would give 5 stars but I reserve the top score for item that arrive in perfect condition the first time.

I would recommend the riffle to everyone who does not need high velocity riffle.

1Review and understand GAMOs warranty process.May 12, 2013
By ke
First use of gun gave 8 good shots - then no CO2 would be released to propel the pellet. Must send pre-paid to repair facility. Contacted GAMO to see if all items needed to be returned or only the non-op rifle. GAMO said to return all items provided when received new. Must also provide $10.00 check to cover return freight charge. 5 weeks later, rifle and scope were returned. No rotary clips, CO2 cart, pellets, scope screw wrench. After left voice mails and emails, had to contact direct and wait on hold twice to speak to live person. After two weeks, did receive tin of pellets and 2 rotary clips. Repaired rifle shot 4 good shots and then again, no CO2 released to propel the pellet. Have decided to stop spending my money on seeking additional repairs, will part out rifle to recoup some of the expenses beyond the original purchase price.

5Gamo Rifle Co2Apr 16, 2012
By JRoss
This rifle is good for plinking and teaching kids how to shoot always with an adult supervision. Can distroy cans, bottles very easyly and has very good accuracy.
Very fun to shoot and to hunt squirrls.

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